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Rules are Meant to be Broken (When I'm with You) 3
Chapter 2
This was it. He was going to do it. No more waiting.
It was perfect, really. They were in class with Umbridge, so he couldn’t exactly freak out or run away. Jack bit his lip sheepishly; it was actually sort of a dick move. Mark would be forced to sit next to him for the rest of the period, regardless of how he reacted.
But what other option was there? At least it meant he had a chance to explain himself fully.
Jack let out a quiet sigh, fiddling with the seam of his robes. It was now or never.
He squeezed his eyes shut tight and breathed in. He could do this. It was only Mark.
“Hey Mark uh, listen,” Jack whispered, silently begging that Umbridge wouldn’t hear him. Generally, Jack didn’t abide by Umbridge’s rules but honestly, today was the one day he didn’t want to piss her off.
Too late.
“Mr McLoughlin! What do you think you’re doing talking in my class again?!”
“Nothing Professor, sorry,”
:iconwriteasoph:writeasoph 22 9
Anti-Anti by cartoonjunkie Anti-Anti :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,733 197 ends... by cartoonjunkie ends... :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,877 1,704
Robotic Heart (Googleplier X Reader) Part 15
Google’s POV:
I can feel it.
I can feel every word she speaks.
I can hear every syllable but…
I don’t feel that horrific feeling of pain shoot through my head anymore.
That feeling of being ordered.
It physically hurt to be ordered.
Whenever I have an order, my systems kick in and put me into a state where I can't move on my own command until I complete a task.
(Y/N) hasn't ordered me to do anything unless it was serious.
She didn't enjoy making me do things.
Sherry always made me do everything whenever she didn't want to do anything.
(Y/N) never did that.
(Y/N) may be my admin but she would never order me to do something unless she couldn't do it herself.
Sherry isn’t my admin anymore.
(Y/N) is.
I don’t answer to anyone but her and her alone.
And for once, I'm ok with that.
That snap made the room go silent as all three of those other androids turned to the three of us.
Siri froze, (Y/N) gasped, and I glared at them, squeezing the much smaller girl to me
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 13 5
Robotic Heart (Googleplier X Reader) Part 13
The car ride was pretty calm after that.
Google didn’t move at all and Tim was guarding him with his tiny box life.
Siri and I would speak every now and then whenever he had a question about something he’d see such as a man on a street corner twirling a sign or a person jogging with their dog’s leash tied around their waist.
He always looked so fascinated by everything around us and he looked out the window in awe for most of the trip. In all the trip was about 1 ½ hours to get there since Siri and I stopped at a store along the way to get something.
Siri would check on Google every now and again to make sure his hardware was still functioning without his core processor on. He’d hum if everything was alright but grunt if he saw something wasn’t right. He did, however, fix anything he found fairly quickly.
He actually looks really handsome while he’s ‘sleeping’.
He also looks a lot younger too.
Younger and innocent rather than mature
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 13 18
Painting is fun by maskman626 Painting is fun :iconmaskman626:maskman626 3,355 375 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 22) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 22) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 402 142
Inside The Game (Jacksepticeye X Reader) Part 6
Jack and I listened to the mechanical whorls of the elevator around up before static sounded.
“Jack? (Y/N)? Can either of you hear me,” Mark’s voice came through on the speaker.
“Yeah!” Jack and I spoke at the same time before looking at each other. We both softly blushed and looked away from each other.
“Great! I'm so glad this stupid thing is still working,” Mark said with relief in his voice.
“Well we need you so I would hope that it's still working.” I told him and smile.
“Awww did I interrupt something? You two are blushing~!” Mark teased and laughed through the microphone.
“N-No! Get your head outta the gutter Mark,” Jack said and blushed a little more. He looked so cute!
“What does that book of yours say we have to do today,” I change the subject because I knew that Mark was going to persist until I stopped him.
“Oh! Right!”
The sound of Mark heaving something onto a desk was he
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 14 8
Robotic Heart (Googleplier X Reader) Part 12
Getting Google in the car this morning was a quite a conundrum. Siri had to help me push an incredibly reluctant Google out the door and towards the car.
He’s scared. I know that.
But this is an overreaction.
Currently, Siri is having an epic battle of vim and vigor of who can get the other to give up first.
Siri’s got Google pressed against the ground by sitting on him and holding his arms down at his sides while Google is attempting to kick him off. I’d help Siri but he told me to stay back since Google isn't someone to sneeze at.
Siri’s holding his ground pretty well I think but Google is much stronger than Siri. I did a little research on Google and Siri and found out what kind purpose that they were meant to serve.
Google is a GoogleIRL Unit Type BHL.
His type tells me what he was supposed to be used for.
B stands for bodyguard. His model type is used as cops, security for buildings, bodyguards, and other things related to them.
The HL stands for Heavy Lift
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 17 10
Psychosis: Part 4 (Antisepticeye)
Jack had managed to only doze off for a few minutes before a male nurse returned to check on him.
Jack was startled awake by the nurse calling his name. His sky blue eyes looked at the ceiling first and then over at the nurse. “Yes?”
“Good, glad ta see you’re awake. Do ya remember who I am?”
Jack had a confused look on his face. “No, I don’t, why would I? I didn’t wake up until a few minutes ago.”
The nurse looked extremely concerned all of a sudden. “My name is Andrew Darcy and ya actually were awake about an hour ago.” Andrew paused to let his words sink in and watched Jack for any change in behavior.
Jack was hit with a sudden realization as to why he had been restrained to his bed. Anger started to well up inside him as he thought of the implications. His eyes flashed green for a second and he forced himself to calm down. With a pained expression he leaned back against the bed and closed
:iconcorinneai:CorinneAI 43 30
Inside The Game (Jacksepticeye X Reader) Part 5
Jack's POV:
I got up before (Y/N) the next night miraculously and let her rest in top of me for a little bit longer.
Man and I thought I was small.
She's like 17 ½ cm shorter than me... what's that like 7 inches in America?
I don't know.
Ugh... I feel awful about it but I've gotta wake the poor thing.
I sat up gently with (Y/N) on my chest still and leaned against the couch to steady myself before clearing my throat.
"(Y/N)...? Hey... wake up, Lass..." I gently shook her shoulder, and spoke in a soft voice to carefully ease her from her sleep.
She took a bit more time before groaning and letting her eyes crack open. She looked at me through half lidded eyes, "What's wrong...?"
"Nothing's wrong. It's just time for the second night. Come on, little lady, we gotta get up," I joke and help her sit up. I'm not afraid anymore. I had time to think after she passed out and she hasn't given me any reason to mistrust her and she doesn't feel like metal. Her skin is normal skin and it's soft
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 16 5
Jacksepticeye X Male Reader (Request)
Crystal Hearts AU
(Context: In this world everyone is born with a crystal heart in their hands. It can be any color and gets bigger as you get older.When you find a person you love more than anything, there's a tradition that you and that person will exchange your hearts so that they quite literally have your heart. The heart is about the size of your fist once you're an adult.)
Jack looked down at the small crystal heart in his hands. The soft (F/C) glow surrounding it provided him comfort as his cab drove down the busy streets of LA to his hotel. He'd had to leave his treasure at home in Ireland and he'd been trying everything to stay calm. This was the first time he'd been away since that special day.
He had to wait until midnight.
Jack sighed and looked at the time on his phone. He smiled at the background of his lock screen. Two bright smiles stared back at him along with the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen in his life.
33 more minutes until midnight.
He drowned out the
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 10 6
Antisepticeye x Dark Reader Still Messing With Us?
Y/n = your name
N/n = nickname
It had been a few weeks since the last attack from the YouTube haters and you and Sean (or Jack) were feeling a lot safer. But that changed when something terrible happened.
Jacks P.O.V
I got home late that night. I'd been spending time with a few friends. Y/n stayed home as she wasn't feeling well. Poor little n/n. I felt bad for leaving her alone but she insisted that I go and have fun. However as I walked up to the front door of our house and found it unlocked and slightly open I immediately regretted my decision. I walked inside quietly and looked around. The house was trashed. My heartbeat sped up and one thought popped into my head. I said it aloud. "Y/n?" I quickly and quietly walked to our room where she was when I left. There she was lying in bed calm and peaceful. But something was off. A chill went down my spine as I moved closer to her. "N/n? You ok honey?" I put my hand on her bare shoulder. Her skin w
:iconcrystaleye18:CrystalEye18 19 5
More Than a Tool| Googleplier x Injured!Reader
"Hey Google, would you mind getting me some ice?"
"Are you looking for 'sun fry'?"
"Searching for images related to sun-"
"No Google. I said could you bring me some ice?!"
" apologies, miss."
Right now, you just wanted to bash your head against a wall, and not stop. But you couldn't do that, sadly, because of your broken leg-a result of your own clumsiness. Not to mention that your elbow was all bruised and tingly after you banged it on the kitchen counter trying to get some cereal.
That's right. You caused yourself further misery because of fucking cereal.
You didn't want to bother any of your friends with your klutz self, but Matthias decided to lend you his Google android, the "latest and greatest" thing from the company, he recently bought in hopes that he could take care of you and improve his 'behavior'.
But all glitches aside, 'Google' wasn't actually a bad caretaker so long as you don't give him admin permissions. He also seemed
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 296 71
Googleplier x Reader Technologic: Part Ten

"M-Mark... I r-remembered... I-I..."
Mark choked harshly as he began to wake up, holding a hand over his mouth to muffle his coughs slightly. The words replayed in his mind as he struggled to think of where he might be, slowly pulling himself up from being laid face-down on the floor and instead sitting up so he could actually look around. Not that he could see much in the pitch black room he was in, honestly. It took a minute or so for his eyes to light up, although they flickered slightly and were dimmer than they were the last time he used them. Even so, he could at the very least get a look at just where he was.
... Actually, looking around barely helped him at all. He was in some sort of bleak, dull room, with only a few piles of blankets and boxes scattered around the place. There was a door to his left but it was closed, the only light peering from underneath the door and barely reaching him. Mark watched the
:iconcartoonfankatiem:CartoonfanKatieM 68 29
Robotic Heart (Googleplier X Reader) Part 10
Siri looked a bit concerned but after my comforting gaze settled on him he seemed to calm down.
Felix looked Siri up and down to try and guess his measurements but in the end grabbed a tape measure. He walked up to Siri with it to which he was greeted with a shriek.
It took five minutes or so but Felix managed to back Siri into a corner where he couldn't escape without running into Felix. Felix took his chances and started taking the measurements. Siri kept squirming and laughing.
It was surprising to see.
I didn't think robots were ticklish.
Felix shouted in triumph when he got all the measurements he needed, and let Siri have some metaphorical air since Siri doesn't actually breathe.
“Alright! I think I have stuff that’ll fit him. Marzia’s been being a real peach and helping me come up with some new styles,” Felix said and started to push Siri towards one of the huge closets. I followed behind with Google on my tail to see what was going on. Felix searched for
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 17 7
Hey everyone! I've finally gotten my own computer, and almost unlimited internet access, so now I'll be on a lot more now! For those I was Rping with, Soooo so sorry about the long wait! wont happen again!

Now then, there's something I've been curious about, Does any one else live in Texas, or is that just me? :P I live in a Tiny town about an hour and 30 minutes from Dallas, called Eustace. :D
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